In 2013 well spend two billion to attract more than 4,000 doctors.
Id like to ask all those present, especially the top managers of the ministry, to analyse their practical application.The delegates of the conference called on the population to take greater responsibility for their own health.To coordinate those measures, the Ministry proposed setting up a Government Commission on Health Protection headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.The regions opened 2,704 rehabilitation beds, 227 beds at day patient facilities, and began training teams of interdisciplinary rehabilitation personnel.It is clear that a lot more remains to be done.Colleagues, the current Ministry of Healthcare board not only finalises the results of the first year of our joint performance, but also outlines all areas of planned activity of our department and sector in general for the future.The number of local medical networks rose by 250.For the first time ever foundations were laid for the principle Every Minister Should Be a Healthcare Minister.The Ministry has permanents contacts with the Civic Chamber, non-profit healthcare organisations and physicians associations.Cooperation with charity organisations is expanding.On October 5, 2012, the first national conference of doctors was held after a 30 year break.At this meeting, well sum up what has been code reduc vente privee com done and determine our plans for the near future.On the whole, despite problems that exist in every department, the Ministry is doing a good job.This yielded the first positive results.
We supported the proposals of the medical community.
Since January 2013, and due to modernisation programmes, residents in villages were able to get medical assistance at 4,534 north face promo code 2018 revamped outpatient clinics, 3769 general practitioners offices and at almost 40,000 feldsher-midwife stations.
We need to focus on optimising the bed capacity, boosting the activity of hospital beds that treat acute illnesses and converting them into beds for the further treatment and rehabilitation.
More than 286,000 units of computer hardware were supplied to medical organisations in 2012.
We will have to continue this work over the next few years under regional healthcare development programmes.
Colleagues, during our meetings, conferences and meetings of our activists, we have frequently noted that infrastructure and logistics transformations being implemented in the healthcare systems of all regions must be well thought-out and most convenient for the population, the main recipient of healthcare services.
If any changes are found during primary health screening, then patients diagnoses are followed up by modern endoscopic, tomographic and laboratory analysis and other methods of in-depth profiling.Although the number of reproductive age women has decreased, 100,000 more children were born than in 2011.In 2012, we continued to implement the healthcare modernisation programmes which were launched in 2011 and which have received over 664 billion roubles worth of state funding.All projects in the programme of preventive health examinations are financed by the mandatory medical insurance system.Of course, improvements can always be made.We hope to achieve qualitative changes by late 2013, including a stage-by-stage introduction of computerised workstations for doctors with a capacity for continuous remote training, TV consultations with colleagues, assistance in decision-making and a reduction in paperwork.Experience shows that the situation in the regions changes dramatically with the appearance of perinatal centres, which shows that the policy we began implementing five to seven years ago was the right one.This has allowed us to start following the international IMR standards as of 2012.Im pleased to see you.People were able to choose between old and new systems during the transitional period, and they opted for the best one.

As part of these modernisation programmes, we have built 71 healthcare institutions, we have renovated almost 2,500 institutions, and we have re-equipped almost 5,000 institutions.