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Shrubs or fences) 3 feet clear to front of meter 2 feet clear to either side of meter.
GAS leak detection, LP / NG GAS meters GAS meter FAQs GAS piping, valves, controls - home LP / propane GAS tanks Suggested citation for this web page GAS meter clearance distances at Inspect A m - online encyclopedia of building environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis.Florida Building Code, 1009.4 Stairway Landings And though it should go without saying, the recommended stairway landing or platform width is equal to the stairway width.Doors shall not open immediately onto a stair without a landing.Uniform Building Code on Stair Landings.Gas meter clearance distances below balconies, entrance platforms, decks porches Gas meter vertical clearance distance below deck, porch etc.As you can see in our photo at left, a door is opening out over a stairwell and no landing is provided.Building Codes Requirements for Window Guards in Stairwells cpsc,.S., NEW standards FOR window guards TO help protect children from falls PDF (2000 retrieved 2018/08/02, original source: fall prevention: guards, handrails window guards PDF Philadelphia Insurance Company, retrieved 2018/08/02, original source: New York City Regulations.When fully open, the door shall not project more than 7 inches (178 mm) into a landing.California Building Code Landings must have a width and a dimension measured in the direction of travel not less than the width of the stairway.Doors in the fully open position shall not reduce a required dimension by more than 7 inches (178 mm).quot;ng from the AGA: The American Gas Association servers as the secretariat to the ansi Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z223 on National Fuel Gas Code.The photo at the top of this page, "Stairway to my Dreams was photographed by the website editor from the Metro North railroad line as it passes along the Hudson River north of New York City.Also if I increase the size of the gas meter, prodirect soccer voucher codes how big would it be?Normal building electrical wiring and junction boxes are not sources of ignition, Electrical panels, most electrical switches, relays, and similr controls that can create a spark when operated are considered a "source of ignition".
Hopefully reducing it to 3 platforms isn't my only option.
These landings shall be as wide as the door and a minimum of 36 inches in the direction of travel.
These gas meter clearance distance codes also pertain to building features on nearby or adjacent buildings to the building served by the gas meter.
This design doesn't fit neatly into the codes.
Or see GAS meter clearance distance FAQs - questions and answers posted originally on this page Or see building code downloads - free downloadable PDF files of building codes standards Also see GAS fireplace vent clearance requirements Or see GAS piping defects If your fuel.There is a railing along the upper stairway starting at a newel on the fourth stair platform but not along the steps formed by the four platforms (marked in yellow) except along the left wall (marked in green) where no one will ever set-foot.In this article series on gas meters, controls piping we provide descriptions and photographs of unsafe gas piping, indications of unsafe or improperly operating gas appliances, gas meters, and other gas installation defects are provided.InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest.We also provide a, master index to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom.

Incomplete handrailings invite falls if stair users are likely to walk where there is no graspable handrailing or where open rail ends at intermediate platforms or landings form snag hazards.
Handrails and guards shall be designed to resist a load of 50 pounds per linear foot (plf) (0.73 kN/m) applied in any direction at the top and to transfer this load through the supports to the structure.