If they had written Wally better I would've been very happy with how they did everything.
This character is otherwise known as the Thinker and will be the next main villain.
And having to stew on that for a week is making me really annoyed lmao.Wait until midseason4 to gage our reactions / see if the writers learned anything.But no to killing off one of the strongest actors on this show tbh.Alnt Yaparak Cevapla, pretend, stoweR 13-05-15, 18:08 # 4, onu bunu bilmemde sezon finali çok güzel olacak.This season has been a built up for Iris' death so it's gonna suck when they magically reverse it Ugh that ending was beautifully done with the music and the vows and Barry trying to save her all so lovely yet hear wrenching /3.It will air on May 23, 2017, at 8 pm ET on the.
It will be interesting to whats in the store for the viewers.
Overall I really enjoyed this episode, I felt like it was a good 2 episodes worth of episodes merged into one.
Oh dag you def right, that was really convenient.
Iris doing her vows on video was heart wrenching but god they really dragged this save iris stop savitar plot out wayyy too long.
It's had it's flaws this season tbh, but 1 was amazing, 2B was amazing, so hopefully cadeau naissance breton 4 can be an improvement.
Which I doubt since tptb said the finale will be a cliffhanger that leaves audience wondering how the hell they'll resolve it next season.But I'mma need them to give Iris back now.Remember, the name Devoe from Abra Kadabra episode?I hate that they're just going to undo Iris' death.But, if it is done, then probably there would be consequences of changing the past once again.Lets stop at this theory and move to The Flash 323 synopsis.(no subject) - sunnytyler001 Expand Someone should've told Iris to wear a different outfit.Edited at 12:41 pm (UTC) Ugh I love Wentworth.3) HR's speech at the end.Is it part of a plan somehow?Not to mention the pap photos have basically spoiled the death the same way they did with Arrow's S4 grave bullshit.You are going to punch the guy in the metal suit?As if that will hurt him or something?

I dont get why nobody told her to change?
This was a really good episode.
Would Iris and Barry even be engaged in that timeline?