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Configure vlans, ethernet Interface Port Descriptions, virtual Port-Channel (vPC) Global Configuration.
Figure 128 Assign Memory in New Virtual Machine Wizard.
Choose eth11 and set the MTU size to 9000.This section provides the steps to configure the interfaces on both the switches that are connected to the servers.Architecture for code promo commande capsules nespresso 50 Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines Figure 5 demonstrates logical layout of 50 Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.Figure 119 Failover Cluster Manager - Networks.Typical maximum load is 25 virtual machines per server.Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster Setup Configure mpio on Windows Server 2012.Storage Connections Configuration, server Connections Configurations, infrastructure Servers.New-NetLbfoTeam -Name Team01 -TeamMembers Mgmt-Member1,Mgmt-Member2 -TeamNicName MgmtOS -TeamingMode Lacp -a Figure 49 NIC Teaming GUI - Team 01 Members Add-NetLbfoTeamNic -Team Team01 -VlanID 22 -Name LM -a Add-NetLbfoTeamNic -Team Team01 -VlanID 24 -Name CSV -a.
This worksheet can also be used as a "leave behind" document for future reference.
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Validating Cisco Solution for EMC vspex MS Hyper-V Architectures This section provides a list of items that should be reviewed once the solution has been configured.The Connection Utility can be downloaded directly from the product support page.Repeat the above steps to create Host list for all Hyper-V hosts.For Cluster and CSV network, use the highlighted option as shown in Figure 121.See the following example for the vlan create command on Nexus: switchA(config vlan vlan-id vlan-range Example: switchA(config vlan storage vlan ID This document is intended to allow the reader to fully configure the customer environment.Connect and log into the Cisco UCS C-Series Standalone Server cimc Interface.Figure 78 iscsi Access Page in VNXe Host Wizard.This first virtual machine will be turned into a template that can be used to quickly create additional virtual machines.Create the second NIC team for the virtual machine traffic.The wizard may choose any available disk of the proper type, regardless of where the disk physically resides in the array The reference architecture uses the following configuration: Following are the disk allocations for vspex M50 architectures: For 50 VMs, Forty-five 600 GB SAS disks.In the Configure Networking window, select the Connection from the drop-down list that matches the name of the virtual NIC used for accessing the VMs.Click Next in Configure Host Access as no host are connected now.

Choose eth10 and set the MTU size to 9000.